Sustainable art therapy to reshape hearts and minds

Sustainable art therapy to reshape hearts and minds


Separating waste at source is key to rescuing materials to create high quality arts and crafts.


Single stream art as a rewarding circular economy and reduces the impact on our environment.


Demonstrating the endless potential by reshaping our relationship with our throw-away society.



A rubbish idea? A waste of time? A load of garbage? Limitations live only in our minds. Check out the carefully curated Reshape Waste Craft Workshops.

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Reshape Waste craft workshops

The current waste disposal system is not working. Good value materials are going into the general waste bin and eventually they end up being incinerated or dumped into a landfill. We help give waste new life by helping them avoid being deliberately destroyed. Our simple philosophy is to make beautiful objects through fun education which stimulates creativity in a playful and innovative way to reshape using crafting skills.

Rewarding creative education

Learn how your school or club can reorganise current waste streams by separating material which will save money plus provide endless supplies of clean raw materials for schools arts and crafts projects.

materials guide

Cycle of Life

Raw Veg Food

Add vegetable or fruit scraps and peels, raw or cooked, and even when rotten can be added into your garden compost bin. Just make them small pieces so they're easier to decompose.


Stinky cigarette butts are more useful when repurposed into insecticide-resistant. Ash and tobacco are separated out and composted. Filters are extracted for repurposing into toys and furniture.


Whilst reusable sanitary pads can have a lifecycle of several years, the standard sanitary items have been piling landfill for years. However, a process can extracts the super absorbent polymer.

Chewing Gum

A process takes used bubblegum, cleans and purifies it, then mixes it with other recycled plastics to make a strong, durable and material. That nasty splodge is reshaped into welly boots.

Soft Plastics

Low-density Polyethene (LDPE), High-density Polyethene (HDPE) or Polypropylene (PP). An easy way to identify a soft plastic product is scrunch it up and notice it doesn't bounce back.

about us

Our Story

We believe that art is good for the soul, spirt and mind. Sharon and Claire both came to this project with a simple desire to help society through the power of art. The current state of litter and waste is simply a metaphor for how society feels inside. Together we can begin to heal Earth by creating solutions and having fun. Whether in the gutter or in the bin, we challenge waste and together we can rescue, reshape and reward ourselves through creativity and love.

A Party With No Leftovers

in Hampshire

Book us for a party or summer fete or festival. Our star marquee is a buzz with inspiring single material workshops. Our team of craft recyclers work with you to understand the potential of waste. A jumble of ideas that are anything but ordinary. Choose from rescued materials such as plastics, paper/card, textiles or metal and reshape into object d’ art.

One Yogurt Pot At a Time

London based plasticpreneur manufacturer Charlie, shows exactly how waste plastic can be reworked into beautiful and luxurious objects. 

3D Plastic Printing At Home?

In this video, Dorset-based, Brothers Make go through all the tips and tricks that they’ve picked up when looking for, processing, melting and working with HDPE.

Print is Not Dead

For Japanese artist Chie Hitotsuyama creates lifelike sculptures of animals by using old newspaper rolled and twisted into intricate shapes.



For the love of trees

Who doesn’t love a tree? This is a learning experience for us all, so implementing changes locally is fundamental to taking back some control over matters which seem to be at a government level.

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