Heart of the community

ArtCycle MB, is a not for profit valuable material resource, local storage and educational community hub. Using data we can show the potential for waste and society. Empowering a new generation with stewardship and shaping attitudes towards waste, through educating.


Community hub, Storage and Creative Workshops

All under one roof, our NiftyBins™  infrastructure, the Agents Of Change and Bailing Bone Yard interface enable a holistic education applied through creative workshops and mixed media engagement. These ingredients are key to behaviour changes, which provide a circular economy for society.


How it works

Pledge your clean materials to a local ArtCycle MB hub. The material is recovered and recorded via an App. In exchange you will be rewarded with credits and know you’re helping community projects.

Separating materials at their source enables waste to be reduced. Schools art projects and the UKs luxury homeware and fashion remake industry are in big demand for clean reusable single-stream materials. ArtCycle MB can help supply.

No such thing as general waste. Education becomes key to our relationship with rubbish and closing the recycling loop. Materials are reshaped and reused in innovative and beautiful ways, by exploring their potential and value through our unique craft workshops.

Recycling is confusing and the current system is broken. The success of material collection recovery starts with a tried and tested lightweight infrastructure. NiftyBins™ single-stream means no materials are deliberately destroyed or contaminated.


Pledge your waste

ArtCycle MB started life in the music festival world and growing every year. We know that being your environment starts with art. And even though recycling efforts in your community may be lacking, the education of working with materials inspires and is the catalyst for change. 

By engaging with the community on two levels: by separating at source ArtCycle MB will primarily stop precious materials being destroyed. Bring your clean materials to us and we’ll do the rest. Secondly we will change behaviours by educating through practical workshops offering skills from professionals.

How it works

Recycling Roadshow 2024

An exciting ArtCycle MB will drive the only education recycling system through collaboration of creative art to a town near you. A series of creative, practical workshops (powered by solar panel) will be facilitated in a tent by Agents Of Change made up of: local artists, festival sculptors, designers, and craft entrepreneurs.

Our roadshow team have an abundance of knowledge and will inspire and empower boys and girls of all ages, abilities and backgrounds to connect through the power of art. Our studies show that art provokes an understanding of the value of materials through creation and play, enabling life skills developed through curiosity and experimentation.


Drop off points

Partnering with schools to help communities thrive

Across the UK learning establishments are under financial pressure – from energy and catering costs to unfunded pay rises. NiftyBins™ solution is a separation education bin system that eradicates expensive waste bills over time. Our team can help you exchange materials for ArtCycle credits for schools art projects.

Recycling becomes lightweight work, that is fun for children to engage.This simple psychology educates on the value of materials. Clean materials create a rewarding circular economy for your school. If you’re interested to learn more, please register below.

at the article mb

Friendly Bin Inspectors (FBI)
This single-stream servicing crew recover materials and shift from recycling stations to the Bailing Bone Yard. These volunteers educate the public on how to use the NiftyBins™ system and keep areas pristine.

The Bailing Bone Yard
An inspiring sorting operation. The energy is electric, and single streams materials are crushed and bailed live on site, as a musical spectacle. Recovery is recorded and material is ready for a new home.

Agents Of Change (AOC)
We want you to become an AOC. A new generation of recyclers educating on material value and delivering a green message.

Dirty Disco/Recycling Rave
Powered by the people, (and a solar panelled generator), we will hold events for young people.

be your environment



Providing clean materials for community arts and crafts projects and industry.


Reduce waste that would normally end up in landfill or be destroyed.


Through our data app, you can learn how your material recovery is making a positive impact.


Increase learning, awareness and entrepreneurship and empower young people.

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