Separation Education Workshops​

Separating materials for art was the reason the NiftyBins™ single stream vessels were originally created.

With an abundance of resource and knowledge, ArtCycle MB will take you on an exciting journey to discover how general waste items are given new life. Using single-stream recycling through the power of art.


It’s not rubbish. It’s valuable material!

Facilitated by Agents Of Change made up of artists, sculptors, designers, and craft entrepreneurs. Art has the power to move people and become priceless once reused. 
Divided into key material areas we want you to immerse yourself in our workshops with your chosen material. By reworking glass; cutting and folding metal; sewing soft plastics; moulding and shaping hard plastics; working compost and bio-fuel, sculpting and mashing paper. We host fascinating talks on sacred geometry, wellness and how to be your environment.
Workshops are developed to help everyone see things differently and becoming an Agent Of Change is progressed through three inspiring development workshops where you discover how general waste items are given a second life by creating beautiful objects.

An introduction to Materials

Lack of separation is the reason current recycling processes are not fit for purpose. Recycling contamination occurs when materials are sorted into the wrong recycling bin (placing a glass bottle into a mixed paper recycling bin for example), or when materials are not properly cleaned, such as when food residue remains on a plastic yogurt container.

Our practical and playful workshops will start at the beginning with a mixture of engaging activities tailored to suit all ages and abilities. Created to teach anyone to be a connoisseur of materials by understanding their qualities. This knowledge will underpin future projects.


Product design and make

Now that you can distinguish your aluminium from your tin, it is time to develop some skills. Using tools, we will experiment with a chosen material e.g. plastic, paper, metal or glass. Our rubbish artists and designers, will nurture a new potential of the waste material by helping you to unveil your creativity.

There are many talents crafters, designers and remake-preneurs to help guide you through the evolution for your very own exclusive product range. Suitable for 12+ years old and above.


Be Your Own Boss

Now you are confident with tools and mastered some craft techniques it is time to make the good stuff happen.

The next step in the journey of ArtCycle MB workshops will be to explore the various ways to help you create a start-up business. By researching the UK luxury fashion and homeware remake brands, you can understand how they use clean raw recycled materials.

All the areas come together as we help you learn some key skills as a sole-trader. Your new conscious enterprise will require the basic principles of marketing, costing, product photography and website design. 


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