There is no such
thing as waste

The ground was littered with cans, plastic and glass bottles, and other rubbish.
 Stephen started kicking bottles and cans into piles, just so he could walk clearly from one stage to the next. The next day he noticed that the path had remained clear. Something remarkable happened, those first segregated piles had grown. Then it hit him, ‘oh my goodness, they [party goers] would recycle if they had a specific area.’

Stephen shudders when you use the word ‘rubbish’. Appreciation of material starts with the language we use, which is inspiring. Waste implies it’s no longer required.

‘We need to lose the vernacular: general waste; rubbish; garbage; trash, litter, and sewage. There is no such thing as waste’.

He explains. It’s a circular economy and we’re not doing it properly.



The Problem

Our disposable culture

Our disposable culture has led to an era of mass-consumption with a throw-away culture. Using colourful and consistent symbolic messaging – Stephen’s design had to be easy for people to grapple.

NiftyBins is a product designed by Environmental Recovery Solutions (ERS), a company dedicated to designing solutions for our immediate environmental needs. Our ergonomically designed Educational Zero-waste recycling vessels can be installed anywhere – schools, colleges, events, temporary locations, home, office and the workplace.

The Problem

The dirty truth

A continued lack of responsibility from all the major waste companies is not helping the recycling efforts. They continue to work with an existing broken system of Materials Recycling Facility (MRF), waste to energy (burning), landfill, and shipping overseas. Stephen’s passion for recycling and demonstrating how easy it is to turn waste into materials with value.

When NiftyBins was responding to the festival scene, the change was instant and dramatic. People love to recycle. The evidence is clear, year on year, human behaviours change. With more vessels onsite, plus a gentle nudge to the messy ones, plus an educational interface, together we will succeed in zero waste.

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