An Art Material Revolution

ArtCycle MB are proud to bring the only education recycling system powered through collaboration of creative art. Following the success of the social experiment in the music festival scene, we know we can help save schools money by saving precious materials.

NiftyBin’s philosophy is a universal language and a range of products from posters to stickers to bins. The system empowers you to take back control of a broken refuse system. 


Fun and engaging

Across the UK learning establishments are under pressure to save money and recycle more. NiftyBins™ solution is a creative education bin separation system which enables schools to achieve the following:

  • Reduce general waste whilst increasing an abundance of clean material for art and craft projects
  • Educate on material value through a universal language of colour, symbols, and shaped openings which is fun
  • Create a financially rewarding circular economy 

Workshops and training

Our studies show that art provokes an understanding of the value of materials through creation and play, enabling life skills developed through curiosity. Schools can subscribe for arts materials, workshops resources and training the trainers.

Reshaping society

Stopping valuable materials from being destroyed or dumped means we empower the next generation with stewardship and reshaping attitudes towards waste. Through educating on the relationship with waste, the students become Agents Of Change, and they will naturally take ownership for their schools waste.

This simple psychology educates on the value of materials. NiftyBins, it’s not just a bin, it’s an education system. Suddenly, recycling becomes lightweight work, that is fun.


Reward for waste

We can collect materials and reward your school with credits
Management and collection via an integrated data capture provides a transparent supply chain resulting in an ethical waste management for your school community and our planet. The best part is that is can work alongside your existing waste management contract with a view to increase a helpful yield of clean raw materials.

Environmental Recovery Solutions (ERS) are the product designers of NiftyBins™, which enables a recorded recovery of single-stream materials. This was you can get the wider community to join in help you build credits and resources.

how it works

Discover for yourself, the benefits and see how clean single stream materials can be used to create sculptural art for the local community. Share your creations with the world!

Our ArtCycle MB will become a local storage and creative educational community hub. A place to offer:

  • creative workshops and entrepreneurship
  • research and development on recycling
  • campaigning for change
  • local activities, such as litter picking, and beach cleaning
Stop Dropping Litter
The Adventures of Scout are a series of beautifully illustrated rhyming children's books. Scout discovers beaches are covered in rubbish! How is she going to help clean this mess up?
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The Missing Bees
The Adventures of Scout are a series of beautifully illustrated rhyming children's books. Scout discovers bees are missing, so she heads off to investigate why. Will she ‘bee’ able to find them?
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Animal Rescue
The Adventures of Scout are a series of beautifully illustrated rhyming children's books. Scout discovers animals are losing their habitats ! What can she do to help rescue them?
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