Meet The people

The Rubbish Team

It takes like-minded people who care about the planet to commit to the journey ahead. Hand-picked to create the vision and start the greatest shake up to the waste industry, ever created.

Stephen Corcoran

The innovator and protagonist in this story. Stephen has over three decades of working in the event and music festival industry. Over the past decade, Stephen has focused his attention on designing a zero-waste eco-system that will reshape the behaviours of everyday people. NiftyBin vessels were created as a flexible and workable recycling system that works anywhere. An advocate to change the current broken waste system and take control by adopting a closed-loop recycling that is valuable to everyone.

Josh Brownlow
Environmental recovery solutions

Be it beer cans, plastic or human waste events have a habit of creating mess. The mess is the same worldwide. Josh has led industrial scale, clean-up teams to tackle the tsunami of mess at events and music festivals in New Zealand and Ireland. Now joining the team, Josh can begin to adopt the seperation education system front-on. he is passionate about saving materials and avoiding any from being destroyed and contaminated. At the heart of his role is a deep-seated passion for spreading our zero-waste ethos. 

Sharon Campbell
Artcycle MB, Art Operations Executive

Sharon is part of this exciting sustainability movement as an innovative craft artist in residence. Her vision to help young people see the potential of materials is mastered through her natural skill to reshape rubbish into beautiful objects. A mother first, Sharon knows that the responsibility is with us, the grown-ups. Sharon’s dedication to showing the future generation that there is a way forward. What may have seemed overwhelming, is now an exciting opportunity. Turning trash into art through an inspiring and incredible way. 

Claire Turner

Claire joined the revolution in 2023, she is contributing three decades of brand and business development experience to the project. She has an entrepreneurial head and wants to share her knowledge with the next generation. Claire knows a good idea when she sees it and set up a business with £50. Also advocated through a local environmental commercial interest company in 2019 where she encouraged others to pick up. A professional designer, Claire aims to show young men and women that they can thrive by being their own plastic-preneur.

Aisling Knox

Aisling spearheads the operational backbone of BYEco. Her journey began in 2016 as an Agent of Change, since then her role has evolved and continues to be defined by one overarching mission; to ensure that our operations align seamlessly with our commitment to sustainability and eco-consciousness. Responsibilities include driving efficiency and handling event management operations and creating camping experiences that not only that foster a space where people who share our vision can fully re-connect with the planet and nature.

Sarah O'Connor
ARTCYCLE, Education Executive

Sarah is our spiritual princess, as a yoga teacher, her passion to make the world a peaceful and harmonious place to dwell, is something to behold. An experienced and well travelled lady her background in facilitating learning and developing training programmes, make her perfectly at home as ArtCycle MB workshop and education facilitator. Sarah has a dream to share the philosophy with the world, enabling citizens to be their environment. At the heart of her role is a deep-seated passion for spreading our zero-waste ethos here are overseas. 

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